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Dairy Queen: Bubbles with Kittens

Oh, gods, has Dairy Queen done it again!  This is so cute, it will make your head explode with candy!

Does Dairy Queen make irresistibly delicious cakes? Of course they do. But they also make bubbles with kittens inside of them.

Heh. Contest Frustrations!

I hate when you get very close...and you don't know what to do...continue on, or wait for a bit.

Right now, I am 8th place.  No, I don't plan on trying for 1st place, but do I try to stay at 8th place...or try for 7th? 

Okay, let me explain that further.  The contest ends the end of April.  Right now, I have gone through my friend's list 2 times (you can invite 3 times to the contest).  So, I am frustrated, because I want to invite more friends to facebook, but can't invite more right now.  So, I have the "third time through" on reserve right now, just in case the 9th place tries to claim my 8th place....but since the contest ends on Saturday, maybe if I try to go through my list on Friday...maybe I will have a chance?

Probably doesn't make sense...I know.  I just needed to vent.

Want to help?  *laughs*  you can friend me on Facebook, and it would help a little.

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Freebie - Field and Stream Magazine

Well, if you like Field and Stream Magazine, or know someone who does, you can sign up here! This is offered by Restaurant.com -- Field and Stream Magazine
Sunday, April 24, 2011 | By: Mary Wright

The Muppets Try Out for Star Wars!

What if a few of the actors made it on to Star Wars......

A Little Cute Joke

Just got this in my email...and it reminds me, it's time for bed....so here you go, as I toddle on upstairs!


A Sunday school teacher asked the children just before she dismissed them to go to church, "And why is it necessary to be quiet in church?"

Annie replied, "Because people are sleeping."

Saturday, April 23, 2011 | By: Mary Wright

How to Get Plus-Size Rockabilly or Vintage Look

I am not one for fashion looks mostly...I haven't had my hair cut in over a year, and sometimes I don't brush it.  However, I am exploring...I was dying my hair red before, but lately (last 4-6 months), I have been going blonde.

However, the last couple of days, sitting around various sites in Las Vegas, I have seen some gorgeous dresses...and I believe one style is called the "Rockabilly" look.  The black hair, red rose/flower in hair, dark mascara, bright red lipstick, and either pencil skirt or skirt with petticoats (50's style), and the tiny white dots on black or blue dress.

I sat in Wynn's buffet, and I saw 2 girls, plus size, and gorgeous outfits.  One was a white dress (and white blonde hair), that perhaps Marilyn Monroe would have worn, with the skirt flared out with petticoats.  No sleeves, deep cut with a kindof swoop down to show cleavage,   The other dress was a form-fitting...not sure if that's correct.  Close to the body, but not clinging...black with tiny white dots, and a black bolero style jacket.  But she was impactful, because of the black hair, the bright red lipstick, the flower in the hair, the smooth black hair...so pretty.  I have also sat at several sites on Las Vegas Blvd, seeing people going by, and have seen this look, again.  But when I see what I think is a plus size girl go by, with a gorgeous dress on, I started to think, "Oh, how could I create a look like that, or simiilar". 

So, I decided to look up "how"...and here's some of those results:

Plus Size Fashion Blog let me know of two places, Torrid and Stop Staring Clothing.  I looked through, and found a lot of items.  Not all were "rockabilly", that I liked, so it's always a good idea to look at other sites, even when you are looking for a specific type.  You can always find items that you can bookmark for later...like when I saw the saloon girl outfit at Stop Staring, or the swimsuit pieces at Torrid.

I saw this photostream on flickr, and liked the outfit on zerbetron's photostream.  I might get some ideas, and this one seemed to be a fairly easy one to pull off.  However, I don't have the "rubenesque" figure that she does...I have more of a tummy, so it's hard to find clothing that fits and looks good.  I don't have a larger ...erm...chest, and have a larger tummy.  But, this look is one I could possibly pull off.  Or pieces.  But is she wearing a wig?  Is pulling off that look just the haircut, eyebrows, makeup, and clothing?  *giggles*  I thought part of the look "had" to be black or seriously blonde hair.

Bouncing around, I found this shirt from Pinup Girl Clothing.  Of course, part of what makes the top, is the bottom (and the hair, and makeup.......), but I love this top.  Sadly, I don't think it will like me, due to the...erm...cleavage enhancement.  That, and it's a size XL, not a 2x.  *sighs* 

Well, today was just a trip around trying to find possibilities...and each one gave me something to think about.  It is basically don't stick to just one idea, but look, and see what you are drawn to....I might not go for the rockabilly, but this search helped me find some other ideas, that perhaps I might go for.

I know this blog was a little weird, because I didn't post "Oh, I like this, or that", and posted pictures...the intent of this post was more of "oooh, what can I find". 

til the next time...
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Free Coffee at Starbucks! -- Great Deal of the Day

Free Brewed Coffee or Tea at Starbucks

Free sample: Get a free brewed coffee or tea at Starbucks.

How to get it: In honor of Earth Day, bring in a reusable mug or tumbler to Starbucks and get a free brewed coffee or tea, today only.

Thursday, April 21, 2011 | By: Mary Wright

Joke - The Gold Earrings

Dianne goes to the doctor, and says, "Doctor, I've got a bit of a problem. I'll have to take my clothes off to show you."

The doctor tells her to go behind the screen and disrobe. She does so, and the doctor goes round to see her when she is ready.

"Well, what is it?" he asks.

"It's a bit embarrassing," she replies. "These two green circles have appeared on the inside of my thighs."

The doctor examines her and finally admits he has no idea what the cause is. Then he suddenly asks, "Is your boyfriend a Harley rider?"

The woman blushes and says, "Well, actually he is."

"That's the problem," the doctor says. "Tell him his earrings aren't real gold."
Wednesday, April 20, 2011 | By: Mary Wright

Free Dremel Multi-Max Universal Adaptor

There are many people out there that use a Dremel for their crafts and other activities...however, there are others who wish that they could use the attachments on their current oscillating tool.  Now, Dremel is giving away an adaptor for this.

So, check it out here: 


Tuesday, April 19, 2011 | By: Mary Wright

Tourmaline Giveaway, Again!

Don't know how she does it, but Szarka is giving away yet ANOTHER strand of Tourmaline. Chunky Nuggets, and a silver-set titanium infused Druzy pendant, both enough to leave you drooling for most of the day. Gods, if I got hold of these...well, I would not know what to do with these, they are gorgeous!

So, enter, enter, enter, and then give it to me! *laughs*

Here's the web page to enter...just "like" her page!  She's trying to get to 4500!


It is wonderful when a child has a beautiful talent...but there are few as talented as this one (I have seen another child, also, but only in video).  This 12-year-old creates absolutely beautiful pieces of artwork, some I would absolutely *love* to have...her colors, the matching, is absolutely beautiful!  Although I am not "completely" Christian (long story, but short is I do believe in God, but other beliefs, also), the pictures she creates makes you feel the spiritual essence in the canvases...Does the phrase "she truly delivers" mean anything?  That is what I thought, as I saw the article, and saw the artwork.

Well, to show it to you all, also....

Tuesday, April 12, 2011 | By: Mary Wright

oooOOOooo ... Tourmaline Giveaway

Szarka is wonderful...I love reading her posts on the Wire Wrap Journal group on Yahoo, as well as her blog.  She just sounds so "real", and not plastic...oh, I hope that makes sense?  Some people do not sound real, when they write in their blogs, but she just lays it all out.  Then her videos, such as this one about making earring wires...well, again, make her seem like a real person...and lovely to boot!

Anyway, I know I am starting to sound a little weird here, but I did have a point on this post...I found out that she has given the author of The Beading Gem's Journal a beautiful strand of Grade A tourmaline tear drops.  There are 42, drilled end to end  and are 9mm long by 7.5mm wide.  Also included in this is a sweet pink Grade AA tourmaline cabochon that measures 20 by 15mm and 9mm thick.  Check them out:

Okay....so, you need to stop by her blog, and enter. And be sure to check out the other ways you can enter. She includes several ways to win, so make sure you check out her blog giveaway!
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Sold 2 earrings!

Well, haven't quite started this out the way I wanted to, which is occasionally showing off new items that I have for sale, then showing ones that sold.  I haven't done much with my jewelry, but I want to.  So...I guess I could do this semi-correctly...if i show my Artfire store, which has my up-to-date inventory, granted, not much, but still enough...and I need to list the rest.  So, to do it semi-correctly, here's the link to my Artfire Store.

But today, at Bingo, I sold 2 pair of earrings...that is quite a feeling.  I always tend to give a discount to them, since I do consider them my friend, despite the "grumble grumble" of my boyfriend.  I think I only have a pic of one of them, will look to see if I have both.

This one has ocean jasper, faceted freshwater pearls, bali silver, and sterling silver earwires.  Was a beautiful combination! 

The other is 2 labradorite rondelles topping a herkimer diamond...it was an unusual combination, that came out so pretty!

So now, I need to get more of these posts happening...*grins*

Sunday, April 10, 2011 | By: Mary Wright

Random Items for Sale on Twitter

I did something similar on my other blog I started, and never finished...mainly Etsy finds, and people that had less than 5 sales.  This time, however...I just want to post what catches my eye.  Etsy.  Artfire.  Private Websites.  Whatever catches my eye.

And this time, I have to showcase first, this Marilyn Monroe painting.  Great detail, and catches her sensuality almost perfectly. 

Such a cute little kitty ACEO:

Mmmmmm.  Pretty!  Not sure if "commercial" or handmade, but the pearl earrings are gorgeous!  Probably could be handmade, if they aren't.

Very Cute:  The softer side of chainmaille

And the last one I am going to post today --- Bits of Blue Knitted Scarf

So...a nice variety, what I saw on Twitter today...and I should be doing this more often!

Twitter Hugs -- Do I Have It Wrong?

Gee....I always tend to send hugs as *hugs* or *huggles*. My hugs, whether in IM's, texts, or twitters, tend to be sent as asteriks. According to this article, though...mine means I am "twitter crushing on you". *laughs*

5 kinds of twitter hugs and what they reveal about you.



One last thing before bed....

I know I just said I was heading to bed...but I just found this on twitter. I wanted to share it with you.

I look forward to the day when I want to ask you to leave me alone, but then remember not to take you 4 granted. Good night kidds. Be happy

It reminds me of the time I didn't have my son. And so...this has a lot of meaning for me at times.

So go in, peek at your children as they sleep, smile, blow them a kiss...

and I wish you all a good night, again. Even though it's morning for a lot of you, since it's 4:36 am.

Ow. Great Day, but Ow.

If you know D&D references, I think my son has a wisdom of 8 or 9, but a Charisma of 20. I swear, he can charm just about anyone...I always cringe, and everyone tells me "it's okay!".

My son is handicapped. He has AD&D and Aspbergers. I describe him as a 12 year old in a 24 year old body. He is my son, and a great loving kid...OMG, sometimes, overloving! *giggles* But a great kid, none the less.

The last time he came to visit, he had the Midas touch. He would get match play coupons, at the blackjack table, and would win. Then he went to one of the casinos and signed up for the players club, where they have from $5 on up, and he won $100! We played bingo, and he would win some good amounts.

We took him to Rio, where we watched the "Show in the Sky". Wow...what a show...both the "live" show, and then where they have 3 vehicles ride around, and the actors/actresses throw beads to the audience. At that show, after the live show, when they have one actor and one actress out taking pictures, my son took pics with both of them (and paid for them), and then the security guard convinced me to take pictures...Ted convinced me to take pictures with him and my walker. Those were...weird. And fun. Then, when they did the float in the sky...Ted decided to throw me a couple of strands of beads...and accidently threw a full batch, hitting me on the cheek.

So today, Garth and I took him back to Rio. Again, to the "Show in the Sky". We watched the live show, which was awesome as usual. I was just sad that I didn't put the memory card in the camera...although I can go back again. Aaron got pictures taken again, although he didn't have the money to get a print...he wanted to have the fun of the pictures. So, he got the ticket to ride the float again, and I watched, and took pictures...and even though I have difficulty walking, I was running around the balcony, trying to get more pictures. After, I went down to watch the "flare" bartenders...got a tap on my shoulder...and Aaron had brought Ted down to meet me. After a discussion, and Aaron and Ted talking...Ted did an amazing thing...he brought Aaron to the picture place, and bought 3 of the pictures for him. Now that, to me, is amazing.

As we left, Aaron gave away some of the beads that he had around his neck, to people who did not have one. The last one he did, was to a woman who had a little, absolutely adorable, yorkiepoo. Aaron sat for about 10 minutes just chatting with this woman, basically describing the above story, and asking questions about the dog, like how old was the dog. And this dog was soooo cute, trembling, but wanting to lick your nose. I am a cat person, but if I were to get a dog...i think it would be one like that.

THEN, we went down to the Fremont Street Experience. We started walking from the Guinness side, and the first character we ran across was Homer Simpson. Aaron asked to have a picture taken of him. As we walked down the street, Aaron kept seeing different characters...the Mad Hatter. Michael Myers from Halloween. Elvis. and Elvis. A couple gave pics for free. A couple "hinted" at a tip. Aaron ended up giving 4 strands of beads to the Mad Hatter (well, 3, I gave a different color), who wrapped them around his wrist, so he would not break his costume, but would wear what Aaron had given him. One of the Elvises, if I understood right, said that he did it for the tips, and by that time, Aaron (and I) was out of money...then Aaron got the bright idea, and took his silver beads, and asked Elvis if he would take it in trade. So Elvis agreed...and Michael Jackson, and a couple of others. I swear, the balloon animal creator, who made these alien eyestalk hats, who said "I work for tips, the suggested tip is at least $5", would have taken the beads in trade...but Garth discouraged Aaron from that, we did explain that these people did this to try to earn money for a living.

When we had pulled around one end of Fremont Street, Aaron had seen Mickey Mouse. And finally...at the end, he saw him, and finally got his picture. He was so happy, that he got his picture.

We brought him there, to see the LCD screen ("the world's largest tv"), but I also thought that Aaron would want to ride the flightline. He kept saying "yes, I want to, no...it's too high...yes, I think I will...no....yes..." Finally, he had said yes, he would. He wanted to...but when we got back to the storefront that sold the rides, the line was long...at midnight, it would have taken another hour, for him to get in and ride. So we decided to wait til tomorrow, if Aaron still wishes to do it.

So...we will see what we will do tomorrow. I had thought for us to maybe go to Hoover Dam and show him...but with how I am right now, I don't think I could walk it at all, they would have to push me in a wheelchair. So I think we may save that til the next time he comes (hopefully late August...although I would love to have him here for July 4th).

Anyway, the meaning of the title....Ow. Too much walking, and that running didn't help. And walking up most of Fremont street and back, after that...my shins and feet are screaming. I took a soma in the car, but was worried about taking another one right away when I got home, so waited, well, and just rambled, and am now going to take my night meds now, and head to bed.

So, good night, everyone. Til the next time I post...*smiles*


I am happy! I hit 10 followers! Hehehe. Small steps. And the best surprise about it, is that it was my co-girlfriend. It's always nice, when a friend surprises you like that. Thank you, Becca...loves you bunches!

((quick explanation: co-girlfriend = my boyfriend's girlfriend. She is married, and her husband is in agreeance. We are very good friends, I love her to death, go through jealousy fits, and love being with her, sometimes with and sometimes without my boyfriend. Probably TMI for most of you, but when I throw a polygamous term out there, I wanted to explain the setup there. *smiles*))

Yep. That's a Cat.

When I seperated from my ex-husband, we gave away one cat, and he kept "his" 2 cats, Nazzy and Sha-Hai. This comic so much reminds me of Nazzy at times.

Love them, and miss them.
Saturday, April 9, 2011 | By: Mary Wright

Contest: Low Carb Breads + Recipe

A good friend of mine is on a low-carb diet, which has me considering trying it, also. I had tried the Weight Watcher's diet before, so I can try a variation of it, going by points. I don't want to give up all sugar/chips, but I do want to try to reduce some of it (lately, my latest craving is cotton candy...which of course is the greatest for someone who is borderline diabetic...and one of my favorites is Tostitos lime chips. One of my snacks during the day is Life Cereal...so, if I can find a low-carb bread, I can make sandwiches/etc, to lower some of the remaining carbs/points that I would have).

Anyway, Shannon's Kitchen Creations is hosting a giveaway. Julian Bakery will send you 3 different types of breads.

The first one is their "Smart Carb Low Carb" bread, which is 2 points per slice, and 1 net carb. It contains 12 grams of proteins and fiber per slice. And the ingredients: Ingredients: Fresh Ground Whole Grain *Wheat, Sprouts of *Kamut, *Spelt, *Rye, Lentils, Sesame Seeds, *Millet, *Quinoa, *Amaranth, Ground Flaxseed, *Wheat Bran, Oat Bran, Eggs, Undenatured Whey Protein Isola – (*Organically Grown)

The second one is "Cinnamon Raisin Smart Carb", 2 points per slice, and 2 net carbs. 16 grams of protein, and 13 grams of fiber. She says this makes a great french toast, and looking at the ingredients, I would have to say so, also: Fresh Ground Whole Grain *Wheat, Sprouts of *Kamut, *Spelt, *Rye, Lentils, Sesame Seeds, *Millet, *Quinoa, *Amaranth, Ground Flaxseed, *Wheat Bran, Oat Bran, Eggs, Undenatured Whey Protein Isolate (90%), Chicory Root (Inulin Fiber), Wheat Gluten, Cinnamon, Raisins, Yeast & Sea Salt. (*Organically Grown).

The third one is the one that I would be most interested in! Amazing Sourdough with 60 Calories and 4 Net Carbs, it's 1 point per slice! She even includes a 4 point cheddar and tomato sandwhich recipe, for this bread! She says it's a very flavorful sourdough, so I would love to try this! Here's the ingredients for this one: Fresh ground high protein golden whole grain *wheat, onion, Undenatured Whey Protein Isolate (90%), Chicory Root (Inulin Fiber), sesame seeds, yeast & sea salt. (*Organically Grown)

So...as much as I just want to enter, and not share, so I have more of a chance, I thought I would give others a chance to win, also. I won the earrings, and hopefully someone will win the bread, through this blog! So make sure you enter this giveaway!!!


Old-Fashioned Shaving Bunnies

(and no, I don't like the commercial about the guitar that sounds like dolphins. Make it sound like cats, and perhaps....*giggles*)

Pallet Gardening

I have always been interested in having a garden. The last plant I remember having was a colia (colius?) when I lived in Germany when I was 12 years old. Since being an adult, I have wanted to have a container garden (I had to change my wording from "pot garden" for obvious reasons.) I had thought having dwarf fruit trees would be so nice.

Well, I have moved to Las Vegas, and most ideas like that, as far as I know, are out the window. But I can dream, can't I? I would have 2 areas that would be "ideal"...except they are cement covered. One is between the garage and the front door (about 8 x 14ish), and about the same amount in the back. It's a homeowner's association, and also, I believe we aren't allowed to plant, at least in the back.

However, one person had nice window-box type plant boxes along her fence, where she grew herbs. So, I know some are allowed (she's one of the HOA's members). That is what would give me the encouragement, if I were anything of a green thumb.

So, I saw this blog entry, and thought "Oh, this would be perfect"....heck, I would be tempted, if I didn't live in Las Vegas, and limited on water. And not sure how to grow items. But soooo pretty.

Check this out:

It would be a great way to make an herb garden on a balcony, if you lived in an apartment, or if you had limited ground space, and wanted to use the ground space you *did* have for other items.  Heck, right now, what I would see would be these for herbs, upside-down tomatoes (with a couple of plants on top to balance the soil), a couple of container trees...you could get quite a bit into that...8x14ish area.  And perhaps even still a small table and chairs to enjoy the outside.

Anyway, here's her post...she gives great instructions!  I hope that you enjoy it, and perhaps someone could do more with it than I can!

Life On the Balcony - How to Turn a Pallet Into a Garden

I GOT IT! (Continuation of "I Won! I Won!"

Last night, I got a package from New Zealand...and I was so happy...I got the earrings from the contest that I entered on the Frugal Kiwi'sblog. Re-reading the article, I found out that I was wrong. I thought it was sterling silver, and that she was doing metal work....then I found out it was metal clay.

I have always wanted to do metal clay work, but don't have the money to invest in it...so am glad to have my first piece of metal clay jewelry! The pieces are exquisite, with lots of details.

Thank you, Ingrid, for creating such a wonderful piece of art, and thank you, Frugal Kiwi (Mel?) for making the offer. I have so much enjoyed your blog, even though I don't felt, garden, chase after chickens, or anything like that...I just truly enjoy it.

Today, not feeling well, but am thinking Monday, dressing up, pulling my hair back, and wearing those earrings....soooooooo pretty!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011 | By: Mary Wright

The Blogger's Exchange! -- A great set of blogs!

So...I joined a group called the Bloggers Exchange. Wanted to share the other links with you...please be sure to check them out!


































































































Tuesday, April 5, 2011 | By: Mary Wright

Late Night Jokes!

Hehehe. It's 2:30 am...but I didn't want to go to bed, without another post...so I thought I would find some jokes to share with people. *smiles*

Tomorrow, I will be finding jewelry in Garnet, in honor of my boyfriend's (and my partner girlfriend's) birthstone.

Well...let's see what I can find in the humor department. Sadly, it's 2:35, so funny now...may not be too funny tomorrow. *laughs*


A mature lover went to a jewelry store to buy some gift for his girlfriend. He selected a locket.
“Don’t you want her name engraved upon it?” asked the jeweler.
The lover thought for a moment, and replied, “No, just engrave it: To My One and Only Love. This way, if we break up and she throws it back to me in anger, I can use it again.


Date of Joke: Tuesday, 25th May, 2004

A white-haired old man walked into a jewelry store on a Friday, with a beautiful young lady at his side.

"I'm looking for a special ring for my girlfriend," he said.

Our jeweler looked through our stock and took out an outstanding ring priced at $5,000.

"I don't think you understand-I want something very unique," the man said.

At that, our now very excited jeweler went and fetched our special stock from the safe. "Here's one stunning ring at $40,000."

The girls eyes sparkled, and the man said that he would take it.

"How are you paying?" asked our jeweler.

"I'll pay by check; but of course the bank will want to make sure that everything is in order, so I'll write a check and you can phone the bank tomorrow, and then I'll fetch the ring on Monday."

Monday morning, our very disappointed jeweler phoned the man. "You lied, there's no money in that account."

"I know, sorry, but can you imagine what a FANTASTIC weekend I had?"


Mel and his wife are walking down Main Street one evening. They stop at a jewelry store window.

She says, "Mel, I'd love those diamond earrings."

He says, "No problem.�
 and takes a brick out of his pocket, smashes the window, and gets the earrings for her. They walk away hastily and soon come upon another jewelry store.

In the window, there is this gorgeous diamond ring, and the wife says, "Mel, oh please, please, please, get me that ring."

He looks around, sees there's nobody around, takes a brick out of his pocket and hurls it at the window.

Now she's got the earrings and this great ring, and they walk away... until they come to yet another jewelry store.

There's this fantastic diamond necklace in the window. She starts begging, "Mel, Mel, just look at it. I need it!"

He looks at her and says "Whaddaya think, I'm made out of bricks?"


(a little risque)

There is this young attractive married woman who wants expensive jewelry, designer clothes and fast cars but her husband is not so well off. One day, she comes home late wearing a gold necklace. Her husband, who has been waiting for her, asks, “Where did you get that necklace.”

The woman says, “I won it at the bingo.”

Three days later, the woman again comes home late wearing a mink coat. Her husband asks, “Where did you get that mink coat?”

The woman says, “I won it at the bingo.”

A week later, the woman comes home driving a brand new Jaguar. Her husband asks with suspicion, “Where did you get that car? At the bingo?”

The woman snaps back, “Oh shut up! I’m too tired to talk to you! Why don’t you just be a good boy and prepare a hot bath for me. I need to relax.” The husband stomps off to the bathroom.

A few minutes later, the woman enters the bathroom only to find the bath tub with very little water. She calls for her husband and demands to know why the bath tub isn’t filled with water.

Her husband replies, “I don’t want your bingo card to get wet!”


Well, hope you enjoyed....I need to sleep. I hope that everyone will have a great night, and a great day tomorrow!


Woot! Followers!

Weeee! I am up to a whole 8 followers! *snickers* It's funny, since I have been trying to build up my follower base on Twitter...but I know, it comes, slowly but surely. (and don't call me Shirley!)

Who would have thought something like that would excite me so much...except that it's 2:30 am, and I really should go to sleep.

But...I feel like I need to make another post, since I haven't today...so I think I will make a joke post.

And maybe tomorrow, I will do another random birthstone jewelry post...since my boyfriend's birthstone is garnet, I will find some pretty garnet jewelry to share!

Until then........*smiles*
Sunday, April 3, 2011 | By: Mary Wright

I Won! I Won! (at least I hope so!)

My last few days have been hectic. I wasn't on the computer for about 2 days, then had time yesterday just to catch up on emails, and a post or two, before I had to get ready for a sleep study last night (I normally go to sleep about 4am, and I had to go in at 9:30 last night. I shorted myself sleep yesterday, by only sleeping for about 4 hours, so everything took about 3-4 times the amount to do anything.

So today, after getting home, I caught up on my emails, saw a wonderful how-to video (see the previous post), then went traipsing about my blog stats, to see if I got new views...and what do I see as one of the reffering sites?  http://frugalkiwi.co.nz/2011/03/winner-of-the-silverworks-earrings/

So, I go over to see who won....and I did!!  I am sooooo excited!

Sadly, I saw the post (I think) was on the 30th of March, and so that makes it out of the 48 hour period.  So she may choose another one...and if she does, then I can't blame her...I want her to do what she feels is right.  BUT, I am so excited that I won (a week ago, I won snack bags from EarthSwag...I haven't been this lucky in a while!).

So all I can say is...I hope I get these pretties in the mail.  But if not, at least I had the chance, and I hope that the person who does, loves them also!

edit 4/3 at 11pm:

Yes, I am going to get them!!! They are on their way to me, and I am so excited!!!

Video: How to Make Earwires

I have always loved Szarka at Magpie Gemstones. She is such a lovely person, always helpful and cheerful in her posts both on Facebook, and in the wire wrap yahoo group, where I "met" her.

Now, I don't wire wrap...yet. But it's very nice to read the posts, and especially hers. She has gathered tutorials from all over the web, and placed them where people can find and use them. Everything from beginning to advanced.

Then she goes and creates this video. And I find she is just as beautiful in person, as her written "voice" sounds. She is very professional in this video, but a "real" person, including the "what is this.....oh, yeah, it's a burr cup". And finding she needs to "scramble" to find tools is funny, because it's all of our ways. I am a ton worse, but seeing that she is doing it...just makes you feel relaxed that it's "okay".

I wanted to share this video with everyone, not just to show how to make earrings, but to share this lovely woman, and her luscious beads, of which I haven't got to get my hands on one strand yet. But I promise, Szarka...I will! I will!

Saturday, April 2, 2011 | By: Mary Wright

"Hidden" Illnesses

Yesterday, my ex-husband posted this to his Facebook wall:

YOU DON'T LOOK SICK?! No, I don't. It's hard to explain to someone when they have no clue. It's a daily struggle feeling sick on the inside while you look fine on the outside. Put this as your status for at least 1 hour if you or someone you know has an invisible illness (Anxiety, P.T.S.D.,Lupus, Fibromyalgia, IC, Chronic Fatigue, Diabetes, Crohns, Arthritis, Menieres, IBS, Epilepsy, Sarcoid, MS, Depression...PCOS
It really touched me, when I saw it.  For the longest time, I thought I was just "lazy" (and I may have been...I do have a tendency towards laziness), but for a long time, how do you explain that you are tired when you just slept 14 hours a day.  Small things like that.  Perhaps if I hadn't isolated myself somewhat in Vacaville, and I had had been bold enough to ask my ex for the trips, I might have been diagnosed earlier.
But when you start believing it in yourself, that you are lazy, can't do stuff, and just sit back, and let it take over you...it becomes a hard habit to break.  But now, that I know I have a known condition, Fibromyalgia, and others that are secondary, either diagnosed, or still working towards diagnosis (depression -- is it bipolar, or complete depression...is meds messing with my moods/etc.  Plantar Fasciitis on my feet.  Pain Problem with my back, that my shins, that they cannot seem to diagnose...I could list more...but those are my primary problems).
When I read the post on his wall, I cried...because he understood now.  And he's going through his own problems...another form, in a sense...He is suffering from PTSD.  He used to tell me to "suck it up" on the pain, now, he says it's understandable, and a lot more so, because now we know "why" I have the pain.  But I would not wish to have what he has....nightmares, sometimes just random jerks, because a shadow lays the wrong way, and reminds his subconcious....that sort of thing.
Thank you, Ken, for posting that.  I cried when I read it...and am now, also.  There's people out there who have, and who understand! 

*cries* I want

Gods, another one I want from here.

FreeCycle Works!

I wanted to give 2 people a very special thank you tonight, although they may never see it.  So when I say thank you to these 2 FreeCyclers, I am actually saying "Thank You" to all of you who do, both giving and recieving.  It's what makes it work!

First, I wanted to say Thank You to the first person today I had written.  She had promised a set of books, at a time where I am in a reading sprint (and definitely jonesing for a Kindle or a Nook).  She gave me a large "happy birthday" gift bag full of books from Dan Brown, Sherrilyn Kinyon, a book called "wicked" from Nancy Holder & Debbie Viguie.  She also had left a box of diapers, and a bag of little ballet shoes.  I had only asked for the books, found these with them, and thought "Okay, I will complete the cycle, and freecycle these"...then I remembered a friend who had a child a bit ago...and another who has 2 girls, that *maybe* the ballet flats would work for...what little girl wouldn't like the shoes, even if not taking classes....so maybe.

Then another person posted about how she is moving, and had new items still in boxes.  I looked at it, and saw the food scale, and the electric hot pot...and sometimes you kinda skim the rest, except I saw a clock with shelf.  So I kindof thought "this has to be too good to be true"....or that I wouldn't be the first person.  Whoot, I got picked, and she was happy to work with my schedule.  So I stopped by at about 11:30pm...and there they were.  Thing I didn't know that I needed until I got the box!  Corkboards, a chafing dish, bath oils and sprays, that hot pot, that food scale...and it just feels great, when you get boxes like that, and see all the things...it's like christmas!

So, I wanted to say thank you to these 2 great people...and to those who have given to me before, those 2 that did today, and those who will see mine in the future (especially hoping that there will be a portable dvd player and a Net10 phone person in that future...since those are my pendings...*laughs*).  And I will continue my end of the circle, by sending out my donations, whether to my friend who's roommate could use those diapers, or items from my house, going out to the email circle.

Again, thank you for your support, FreeCyclers!

I Believe!

Behold the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM), today’s fastest growing carbohydrate-based religion.

Just a Wonderful Boyfriend

I am sure a lot of you have, or had, a husband/boyfriend/son who's mission is to control the remote.  Well, I have to tell you, I have a great boyfriend on that aspect. 

We have a 72 inch television in our..4ft by 4ft (okay, a tiny bit bigger) living room, and a ..I think a 36 inch tv in our bedroom, which I think is larger than the living room.  The reception in the bedroom is lousy...erm...i mean, for some reason, the picture is fuzzy, although like a dvd player hooked up, it's clear.  My boyfriend generally will go upstairs, if I am using the downstairs, or vice versa, so we have our own choice of what to watch.

But sometimes, when I am downstairs, and not really watching it, he will start watching the tv.  Not "controlling" it, like some men, that when they walk in the door, the remote becomes attached until bedtime (and beyond).  He just will choose a show...and 5 minutes later (usually during a commercial) will flip to another show.  He ends up watching about 3 shows in a half an hour, or will watch about 2 minutes of one show, then change it.  Usually right in mid-sentence.  It does get aggravating, because I don't know how he keeps up, or how he can watch 2 minutes of one show, be interested enough to watch that 2 minutes, then change it at commercial, or before, and not return to it.

So, today, he changes it from Dukes of Hazzard, to the Nanny, to a couple of other things, leaving it on Star Trek The Next Generation, where Q sends the Enterprise to see the Borg.  It was at the part where the first Borg had come on board, and was starting to gain information on the ship, when my boyfriend fell asleep.  So, I was happy, I got to finish something.

I got to watch the rest of that, then America's Funniest Videos, the Matrimonial show came on...watching videos of wedding funnies.  I was reading my email, and watching that show, when all of a sudden, the channel changes.  Then changes.  It went to 3...then 33...then 333...then 33...etc.  I look over, and he had rolled over, and his hand was pressed against the remote, changing the channel in his sleep.

I swear, most men would change the channel in their sleep, just to keep the women from watching the shows they want to...now, my boyfriend does!


Simple. I Want.

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