Saturday, April 23, 2011 | By: Mary Wright

How to Get Plus-Size Rockabilly or Vintage Look

I am not one for fashion looks mostly...I haven't had my hair cut in over a year, and sometimes I don't brush it.  However, I am exploring...I was dying my hair red before, but lately (last 4-6 months), I have been going blonde.

However, the last couple of days, sitting around various sites in Las Vegas, I have seen some gorgeous dresses...and I believe one style is called the "Rockabilly" look.  The black hair, red rose/flower in hair, dark mascara, bright red lipstick, and either pencil skirt or skirt with petticoats (50's style), and the tiny white dots on black or blue dress.

I sat in Wynn's buffet, and I saw 2 girls, plus size, and gorgeous outfits.  One was a white dress (and white blonde hair), that perhaps Marilyn Monroe would have worn, with the skirt flared out with petticoats.  No sleeves, deep cut with a kindof swoop down to show cleavage,   The other dress was a form-fitting...not sure if that's correct.  Close to the body, but not with tiny white dots, and a black bolero style jacket.  But she was impactful, because of the black hair, the bright red lipstick, the flower in the hair, the smooth black pretty.  I have also sat at several sites on Las Vegas Blvd, seeing people going by, and have seen this look, again.  But when I see what I think is a plus size girl go by, with a gorgeous dress on, I started to think, "Oh, how could I create a look like that, or simiilar". 

So, I decided to look up "how"...and here's some of those results:

Plus Size Fashion Blog let me know of two places, Torrid and Stop Staring Clothing.  I looked through, and found a lot of items.  Not all were "rockabilly", that I liked, so it's always a good idea to look at other sites, even when you are looking for a specific type.  You can always find items that you can bookmark for when I saw the saloon girl outfit at Stop Staring, or the swimsuit pieces at Torrid.

I saw this photostream on flickr, and liked the outfit on zerbetron's photostream.  I might get some ideas, and this one seemed to be a fairly easy one to pull off.  However, I don't have the "rubenesque" figure that she does...I have more of a tummy, so it's hard to find clothing that fits and looks good.  I don't have a larger ...erm...chest, and have a larger tummy.  But, this look is one I could possibly pull off.  Or pieces.  But is she wearing a wig?  Is pulling off that look just the haircut, eyebrows, makeup, and clothing?  *giggles*  I thought part of the look "had" to be black or seriously blonde hair.

Bouncing around, I found this shirt from Pinup Girl Clothing.  Of course, part of what makes the top, is the bottom (and the hair, and makeup.......), but I love this top.  Sadly, I don't think it will like me, due to the...erm...cleavage enhancement.  That, and it's a size XL, not a 2x.  *sighs* 

Well, today was just a trip around trying to find possibilities...and each one gave me something to think about.  It is basically don't stick to just one idea, but look, and see what you are drawn to....I might not go for the rockabilly, but this search helped me find some other ideas, that perhaps I might go for.

I know this blog was a little weird, because I didn't post "Oh, I like this, or that", and posted pictures...the intent of this post was more of "oooh, what can I find". 

til the next time...