Sunday, April 10, 2011 | By: Mary Wright

Random Items for Sale on Twitter

I did something similar on my other blog I started, and never finished...mainly Etsy finds, and people that had less than 5 sales.  This time, however...I just want to post what catches my eye.  Etsy.  Artfire.  Private Websites.  Whatever catches my eye.

And this time, I have to showcase first, this Marilyn Monroe painting.  Great detail, and catches her sensuality almost perfectly. 

Such a cute little kitty ACEO:

Mmmmmm.  Pretty!  Not sure if "commercial" or handmade, but the pearl earrings are gorgeous!  Probably could be handmade, if they aren't.

Very Cute:  The softer side of chainmaille

And the last one I am going to post today --- Bits of Blue Knitted Scarf

So...a nice variety, what I saw on Twitter today...and I should be doing this more often!

Twitter Hugs -- Do I Have It Wrong?

Gee....I always tend to send hugs as *hugs* or *huggles*. My hugs, whether in IM's, texts, or twitters, tend to be sent as asteriks. According to this article, though...mine means I am "twitter crushing on you". *laughs*

5 kinds of twitter hugs and what they reveal about you.



One last thing before bed....

I know I just said I was heading to bed...but I just found this on twitter. I wanted to share it with you.

I look forward to the day when I want to ask you to leave me alone, but then remember not to take you 4 granted. Good night kidds. Be happy

It reminds me of the time I didn't have my son. And so...this has a lot of meaning for me at times.

So go in, peek at your children as they sleep, smile, blow them a kiss...

and I wish you all a good night, again. Even though it's morning for a lot of you, since it's 4:36 am.

Ow. Great Day, but Ow.

If you know D&D references, I think my son has a wisdom of 8 or 9, but a Charisma of 20. I swear, he can charm just about anyone...I always cringe, and everyone tells me "it's okay!".

My son is handicapped. He has AD&D and Aspbergers. I describe him as a 12 year old in a 24 year old body. He is my son, and a great loving kid...OMG, sometimes, overloving! *giggles* But a great kid, none the less.

The last time he came to visit, he had the Midas touch. He would get match play coupons, at the blackjack table, and would win. Then he went to one of the casinos and signed up for the players club, where they have from $5 on up, and he won $100! We played bingo, and he would win some good amounts.

We took him to Rio, where we watched the "Show in the Sky". Wow...what a show...both the "live" show, and then where they have 3 vehicles ride around, and the actors/actresses throw beads to the audience. At that show, after the live show, when they have one actor and one actress out taking pictures, my son took pics with both of them (and paid for them), and then the security guard convinced me to take pictures...Ted convinced me to take pictures with him and my walker. Those were...weird. And fun. Then, when they did the float in the sky...Ted decided to throw me a couple of strands of beads...and accidently threw a full batch, hitting me on the cheek.

So today, Garth and I took him back to Rio. Again, to the "Show in the Sky". We watched the live show, which was awesome as usual. I was just sad that I didn't put the memory card in the camera...although I can go back again. Aaron got pictures taken again, although he didn't have the money to get a print...he wanted to have the fun of the pictures. So, he got the ticket to ride the float again, and I watched, and took pictures...and even though I have difficulty walking, I was running around the balcony, trying to get more pictures. After, I went down to watch the "flare" a tap on my shoulder...and Aaron had brought Ted down to meet me. After a discussion, and Aaron and Ted talking...Ted did an amazing thing...he brought Aaron to the picture place, and bought 3 of the pictures for him. Now that, to me, is amazing.

As we left, Aaron gave away some of the beads that he had around his neck, to people who did not have one. The last one he did, was to a woman who had a little, absolutely adorable, yorkiepoo. Aaron sat for about 10 minutes just chatting with this woman, basically describing the above story, and asking questions about the dog, like how old was the dog. And this dog was soooo cute, trembling, but wanting to lick your nose. I am a cat person, but if I were to get a dog...i think it would be one like that.

THEN, we went down to the Fremont Street Experience. We started walking from the Guinness side, and the first character we ran across was Homer Simpson. Aaron asked to have a picture taken of him. As we walked down the street, Aaron kept seeing different characters...the Mad Hatter. Michael Myers from Halloween. Elvis. and Elvis. A couple gave pics for free. A couple "hinted" at a tip. Aaron ended up giving 4 strands of beads to the Mad Hatter (well, 3, I gave a different color), who wrapped them around his wrist, so he would not break his costume, but would wear what Aaron had given him. One of the Elvises, if I understood right, said that he did it for the tips, and by that time, Aaron (and I) was out of money...then Aaron got the bright idea, and took his silver beads, and asked Elvis if he would take it in trade. So Elvis agreed...and Michael Jackson, and a couple of others. I swear, the balloon animal creator, who made these alien eyestalk hats, who said "I work for tips, the suggested tip is at least $5", would have taken the beads in trade...but Garth discouraged Aaron from that, we did explain that these people did this to try to earn money for a living.

When we had pulled around one end of Fremont Street, Aaron had seen Mickey Mouse. And the end, he saw him, and finally got his picture. He was so happy, that he got his picture.

We brought him there, to see the LCD screen ("the world's largest tv"), but I also thought that Aaron would want to ride the flightline. He kept saying "yes, I want to,'s too high...yes, I think I" Finally, he had said yes, he would. He wanted to...but when we got back to the storefront that sold the rides, the line was midnight, it would have taken another hour, for him to get in and ride. So we decided to wait til tomorrow, if Aaron still wishes to do it.

So...we will see what we will do tomorrow. I had thought for us to maybe go to Hoover Dam and show him...but with how I am right now, I don't think I could walk it at all, they would have to push me in a wheelchair. So I think we may save that til the next time he comes (hopefully late August...although I would love to have him here for July 4th).

Anyway, the meaning of the title....Ow. Too much walking, and that running didn't help. And walking up most of Fremont street and back, after shins and feet are screaming. I took a soma in the car, but was worried about taking another one right away when I got home, so waited, well, and just rambled, and am now going to take my night meds now, and head to bed.

So, good night, everyone. Til the next time I post...*smiles*


I am happy! I hit 10 followers! Hehehe. Small steps. And the best surprise about it, is that it was my co-girlfriend. It's always nice, when a friend surprises you like that. Thank you, Becca...loves you bunches!

((quick explanation: co-girlfriend = my boyfriend's girlfriend. She is married, and her husband is in agreeance. We are very good friends, I love her to death, go through jealousy fits, and love being with her, sometimes with and sometimes without my boyfriend. Probably TMI for most of you, but when I throw a polygamous term out there, I wanted to explain the setup there. *smiles*))

Yep. That's a Cat.

When I seperated from my ex-husband, we gave away one cat, and he kept "his" 2 cats, Nazzy and Sha-Hai. This comic so much reminds me of Nazzy at times.

Love them, and miss them.