Saturday, April 9, 2011 | By: Mary Wright

Pallet Gardening

I have always been interested in having a garden. The last plant I remember having was a colia (colius?) when I lived in Germany when I was 12 years old. Since being an adult, I have wanted to have a container garden (I had to change my wording from "pot garden" for obvious reasons.) I had thought having dwarf fruit trees would be so nice.

Well, I have moved to Las Vegas, and most ideas like that, as far as I know, are out the window. But I can dream, can't I? I would have 2 areas that would be "ideal"...except they are cement covered. One is between the garage and the front door (about 8 x 14ish), and about the same amount in the back. It's a homeowner's association, and also, I believe we aren't allowed to plant, at least in the back.

However, one person had nice window-box type plant boxes along her fence, where she grew herbs. So, I know some are allowed (she's one of the HOA's members). That is what would give me the encouragement, if I were anything of a green thumb.

So, I saw this blog entry, and thought "Oh, this would be perfect"....heck, I would be tempted, if I didn't live in Las Vegas, and limited on water. And not sure how to grow items. But soooo pretty.

Check this out:

It would be a great way to make an herb garden on a balcony, if you lived in an apartment, or if you had limited ground space, and wanted to use the ground space you *did* have for other items.  Heck, right now, what I would see would be these for herbs, upside-down tomatoes (with a couple of plants on top to balance the soil), a couple of container could get quite a bit into that...8x14ish area.  And perhaps even still a small table and chairs to enjoy the outside.

Anyway, here's her post...she gives great instructions!  I hope that you enjoy it, and perhaps someone could do more with it than I can!

Life On the Balcony - How to Turn a Pallet Into a Garden


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