Saturday, April 2, 2011 | By: Mary Wright

Just a Wonderful Boyfriend

I am sure a lot of you have, or had, a husband/boyfriend/son who's mission is to control the remote.  Well, I have to tell you, I have a great boyfriend on that aspect. 

We have a 72 inch television in our..4ft by 4ft (okay, a tiny bit bigger) living room, and a ..I think a 36 inch tv in our bedroom, which I think is larger than the living room.  The reception in the bedroom is lousy...erm...i mean, for some reason, the picture is fuzzy, although like a dvd player hooked up, it's clear.  My boyfriend generally will go upstairs, if I am using the downstairs, or vice versa, so we have our own choice of what to watch.

But sometimes, when I am downstairs, and not really watching it, he will start watching the tv.  Not "controlling" it, like some men, that when they walk in the door, the remote becomes attached until bedtime (and beyond).  He just will choose a show...and 5 minutes later (usually during a commercial) will flip to another show.  He ends up watching about 3 shows in a half an hour, or will watch about 2 minutes of one show, then change it.  Usually right in mid-sentence.  It does get aggravating, because I don't know how he keeps up, or how he can watch 2 minutes of one show, be interested enough to watch that 2 minutes, then change it at commercial, or before, and not return to it.

So, today, he changes it from Dukes of Hazzard, to the Nanny, to a couple of other things, leaving it on Star Trek The Next Generation, where Q sends the Enterprise to see the Borg.  It was at the part where the first Borg had come on board, and was starting to gain information on the ship, when my boyfriend fell asleep.  So, I was happy, I got to finish something.

I got to watch the rest of that, then America's Funniest Videos, the Matrimonial show came on...watching videos of wedding funnies.  I was reading my email, and watching that show, when all of a sudden, the channel changes.  Then changes.  It went to 3...then 33...then 333...then 33...etc.  I look over, and he had rolled over, and his hand was pressed against the remote, changing the channel in his sleep.

I swear, most men would change the channel in their sleep, just to keep the women from watching the shows they want, my boyfriend does!



Pepper said...

You know what's funny? I can identify with your boyfriend! That's just how I watch tv..hahaha

Mary Wright said...

*laughs* It's aggravating to me, and I couldn't really understand why, til the other day he said "i'm going upstairs, so I don't waste 8 minutes out of every 1/2 hour of watching TV" (or something similar)....then immediately fell asleep on the couch.

But that comment finally "made" me understand.

I love the guy...I would say even with all the faults, but gods, I have so many faults, if I were a planet, I would have broken apart by now...*laughs* (it's makes sense at this time of the morning!)

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