Tuesday, April 26, 2011 | By: Mary Wright

Dairy Queen: Bubbles with Kittens

Oh, gods, has Dairy Queen done it again!  This is so cute, it will make your head explode with candy!

Does Dairy Queen make irresistibly delicious cakes? Of course they do. But they also make bubbles with kittens inside of them.

Heh. Contest Frustrations!

I hate when you get very close...and you don't know what to do...continue on, or wait for a bit.

Right now, I am 8th place.  No, I don't plan on trying for 1st place, but do I try to stay at 8th place...or try for 7th? 

Okay, let me explain that further.  The contest ends the end of April.  Right now, I have gone through my friend's list 2 times (you can invite 3 times to the contest).  So, I am frustrated, because I want to invite more friends to facebook, but can't invite more right now.  So, I have the "third time through" on reserve right now, just in case the 9th place tries to claim my 8th place....but since the contest ends on Saturday, maybe if I try to go through my list on Friday...maybe I will have a chance?

Probably doesn't make sense...I know.  I just needed to vent.

Want to help?  *laughs*  you can friend me on Facebook, and it would help a little.