Sunday, April 10, 2011 | By: Mary Wright

Random Items for Sale on Twitter

I did something similar on my other blog I started, and never finished...mainly Etsy finds, and people that had less than 5 sales.  This time, however...I just want to post what catches my eye.  Etsy.  Artfire.  Private Websites.  Whatever catches my eye.

And this time, I have to showcase first, this Marilyn Monroe painting.  Great detail, and catches her sensuality almost perfectly. 

Such a cute little kitty ACEO:

Mmmmmm.  Pretty!  Not sure if "commercial" or handmade, but the pearl earrings are gorgeous!  Probably could be handmade, if they aren't.

Very Cute:  The softer side of chainmaille

And the last one I am going to post today --- Bits of Blue Knitted Scarf

So...a nice variety, what I saw on Twitter today...and I should be doing this more often!


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