Sunday, April 3, 2011 | By: Mary Wright

I Won! I Won! (at least I hope so!)

My last few days have been hectic. I wasn't on the computer for about 2 days, then had time yesterday just to catch up on emails, and a post or two, before I had to get ready for a sleep study last night (I normally go to sleep about 4am, and I had to go in at 9:30 last night. I shorted myself sleep yesterday, by only sleeping for about 4 hours, so everything took about 3-4 times the amount to do anything.

So today, after getting home, I caught up on my emails, saw a wonderful how-to video (see the previous post), then went traipsing about my blog stats, to see if I got new views...and what do I see as one of the reffering sites?

So, I go over to see who won....and I did!!  I am sooooo excited!

Sadly, I saw the post (I think) was on the 30th of March, and so that makes it out of the 48 hour period.  So she may choose another one...and if she does, then I can't blame her...I want her to do what she feels is right.  BUT, I am so excited that I won (a week ago, I won snack bags from EarthSwag...I haven't been this lucky in a while!).

So all I can say is...I hope I get these pretties in the mail.  But if not, at least I had the chance, and I hope that the person who does, loves them also!

edit 4/3 at 11pm:

Yes, I am going to get them!!! They are on their way to me, and I am so excited!!!

Video: How to Make Earwires

I have always loved Szarka at Magpie Gemstones. She is such a lovely person, always helpful and cheerful in her posts both on Facebook, and in the wire wrap yahoo group, where I "met" her.

Now, I don't wire wrap...yet. But it's very nice to read the posts, and especially hers. She has gathered tutorials from all over the web, and placed them where people can find and use them. Everything from beginning to advanced.

Then she goes and creates this video. And I find she is just as beautiful in person, as her written "voice" sounds. She is very professional in this video, but a "real" person, including the "what is this.....oh, yeah, it's a burr cup". And finding she needs to "scramble" to find tools is funny, because it's all of our ways. I am a ton worse, but seeing that she is doing it...just makes you feel relaxed that it's "okay".

I wanted to share this video with everyone, not just to show how to make earrings, but to share this lovely woman, and her luscious beads, of which I haven't got to get my hands on one strand yet. But I promise, Szarka...I will! I will!