Monday, March 21, 2011 | By: Mary Wright

Drive By Post

Okay...had to post.  No words necessary.

Scrapbooking Misc: Digital Camera that also Stamps!

Wow...I have been collecting scrapbooking supplies, hoping to someday either get into scrapbooking, or back into artist trading cards (I think I made a grand total of 20 or so...*laughs*).

I saw this blog entry today, on another site, called "Snap It & Stamp It".  It describes a digital camera, that seems very interesting.  You can snap a picture, and it will create a stamp of the image,  find the best pixelated rasterbation, then you can stamp just about anything.... cards, letters, envelopes...I really liked the idea.  Imagine a fresh flower for every card design?  You can create unique designs, just from your own pictures.  And it does work as a regular camera.

It is called the "Stamp.y" camera....and sadly, I just found out, it's a concept.  It is currently in production by Yanko Design (as far as I can tell), who also has other concepts on the blog.  There are some very interesting ideas!  If only a quarter got made,  *laughs*

Check out the website here:  Yanko Design

Drive By Quote

Just saw this, wanted to post, before I went to bed.

When you spend your life always being second-best, sometimes you just don't know how to react when you're finally someone's number one.

I have made this mistake too many times.  One of these days...I will learn.  *smiles*

The Bird is the Word

OMG!  Family Guy on Adult Swim right now is playing the one with "The Bird is the Word"....

I am going to be singing this for the next 3 days!!!  ARGH!!!

Deadward Scissorhands

Okay, I saw this, and I fell over laughing.  This person has some great "movie" posters,, and this was one of them.

And this one...although I don't think I ever saw them any other way:

And I so want this...although the "ladies fit" wouldn't be for me: find these, and other great items, including "unicorn poop", check out NeatoShop's "New" section here:  New Items

Check out the Matryoshkas...And just in case those weren't enough....Zombie Darth Vader and Zombie Chewbacca BobbleHeads!

Quotes: Things I found today

Wow.  Can't say much, other than found some of these, and they were really nice!  I tend to like quotes, inspirational quotes, funny quotes...just...whatever tickles my fancy.  And here we are:

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me thrice, and I'm done playing nice.

We all have stories left untold, unheard, unsaid, and unwritten.

The difference between "like," "love," and "inlove," is "for now," "for awhile," and "forever."

Tell a girl she's beautiful, she'll believe it for a moment. Tell her she's worthless, and she'll believe it for a lifetime.  (oh, gods...Ken had, and Garth has, a handful, with this one with me).

Who do you turn to when the only person in the world that can stop you from crying, is the one making you cry?

I always wonder "What the hell was I thinking?" But now I realize that I didnt think at all...

<6 hours later, since I got involved in things like ... gasp, cleaning!...but I wanted to close this post, since there were some good quotes...and later, will add more at other times.  Never know when good ones will appear!