Monday, April 11, 2011 | By: Mary Wright

Sold 2 earrings!

Well, haven't quite started this out the way I wanted to, which is occasionally showing off new items that I have for sale, then showing ones that sold.  I haven't done much with my jewelry, but I want to.  So...I guess I could do this semi-correctly...if i show my Artfire store, which has my up-to-date inventory, granted, not much, but still enough...and I need to list the rest.  So, to do it semi-correctly, here's the link to my Artfire Store.

But today, at Bingo, I sold 2 pair of earrings...that is quite a feeling.  I always tend to give a discount to them, since I do consider them my friend, despite the "grumble grumble" of my boyfriend.  I think I only have a pic of one of them, will look to see if I have both.

This one has ocean jasper, faceted freshwater pearls, bali silver, and sterling silver earwires.  Was a beautiful combination! 

The other is 2 labradorite rondelles topping a herkimer was an unusual combination, that came out so pretty!

So now, I need to get more of these posts happening...*grins*