Tuesday, April 12, 2011 | By: Mary Wright

oooOOOooo ... Tourmaline Giveaway

Szarka is wonderful...I love reading her posts on the Wire Wrap Journal group on Yahoo, as well as her blog.  She just sounds so "real", and not plastic...oh, I hope that makes sense?  Some people do not sound real, when they write in their blogs, but she just lays it all out.  Then her videos, such as this one about making earring wires...well, again, make her seem like a real person...and lovely to boot!

Anyway, I know I am starting to sound a little weird here, but I did have a point on this post...I found out that she has given the author of The Beading Gem's Journal a beautiful strand of Grade A tourmaline tear drops.  There are 42, drilled end to end  and are 9mm long by 7.5mm wide.  Also included in this is a sweet pink Grade AA tourmaline cabochon that measures 20 by 15mm and 9mm thick.  Check them out:

Okay....so, you need to stop by her blog, and enter. And be sure to check out the other ways you can enter. She includes several ways to win, so make sure you check out her blog giveaway!