Thursday, March 17, 2011 | By: Mary Wright

Tutorial: How to Make Castille Soap in 13 Steps

I was reading the Frugal Kiwi's blog, and found a recipe for making Castille soap.  Well, having been a person who has wanted to make soap for a long time, I read through her instructions, but was intrigued by a link to instructions that has as step 2 to get chocolate and peanut butter.  So after reading the Soap Chix's blog, I am still laughing, especially all of the singing she does to her soap.  I am wondering if by the end of the batches, her voice is gone.  But the pictures look lovely...and makes me want to consider making some.


In those rare "gee, I actually have some time moments, that I never seem to have, because I am so ADD, I keep doing 5 million things. of these days.  Especially with inspiration from people like the Frugal Kiwi and Soap Chix.


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