Friday, March 18, 2011 | By: Mary Wright

Money, Money, Money! Three Ways I have to make money!

Well, these aren't going to make you least not overnight.  Just like anything else, these require work.  And at the beginning, these will probably be less than minimum wage.  But if you have a laptop in the kitchen, waiting for the meat to cook, so you can flip it over, waiting 5 minutes for the kids to get home from school, or those little stolen moments of the day, these are some great time fillers.

#1 - Swagbucks - A great program, and the first that I joined of the 3 I am posting on here.  You can search via their search engine, play games, trade in books, games, cellphones, watch videos, and more.  With the points you accumulate, you can choose various gift card options, or items that they have available for purchase through their points.  My two favorite options is 450 points for a $5 Amazon gift card, or 700 points for $5 to be sent to your Paypal.  You can also use your swagbucks to enter sweepstakes for some outstanding prizes, also!

#2 - Sponsored Tweets - This is the second one that I had joined ... well, and still belong to.  They use an algorithm to check your twitter account, and suggest a price range that you could set your tweets to be paid for.  You get a variety of sponsored ads to read, and decide if these will fit your follower's interests.  Of course, this means you have to have a twitter account, which I forgot to mention at the beginning of this, laughs.  They use 2 different methods, a "Cost per Click" and "Cost per Tweet" method, and will send you different ads through both of these messages.  "Cost per Tweet" means they pay you straight out, no matter how many people click on your ads.  However, if the "cost per click" average comes out below $1.50 on this, they will ask you to retweet up to 2 more times.  "Cost per Click" ads are just that.  You post, and receive depending on who clicks on them, in my case usually between 2 and 20 cents.  And when you refer someone, you get 10% of their revenue. A slight disadvantage here, is you may take your time, write up a beautiful post, then the person runs out of money in their campaign, or tries to game the system, by asking you to directly post their URL, bypassing the URL generated specifically for you.  You can earn a bit of money through this, however, they have a minimum of $50 before withdrawal, although you can pay $2 to withdraw early.

#3 - MyLikes - A very good one, in my opinion, but I am still learning it.  Still some ins and outs of it.  The most promising of it, is that if you earn over $2 in one week, on that friday, they will put the amount in your Paypal.  Granted, not a lot, but my first month, I earned about $15.  This program allows you to earn for your click, then each click coming through Twitter, or your website ad (I havent figured out much beyond the Twitter-generated revenue).  They allow you to post the ad to your Facebook account, but does not pay for them. 
     It does state that you can only post 1 sponsored like per day, and appears that you can only post each one once, or retweet someone else's ad for that same ad.  They do not remove the ad from your stream, however, if you post, and they do allow you to post more than once per day.  I believe the "posting the sponsored like" refers to that you can only earn once a day for yourself, but will earn from others.  I could be wrong, am not sure.  And this one has a different referral program...they give away an iPad a week, to the person with the most referrals starting at 12:01am Saturday, to the following Friday midnight.

Now, with the last 2, your revenue is dependent on your twitter stream, as in the people who follow you, and who are real.  It is not the best, if you have a ton of followers, and they are all fake accounts, the kind where you get 50,000 in 2 days.  You need to engage your followers...having interesting tweets, responding to others, show you are a real person.  Not canned information, or only ads.  It does not mean you have to be online 24/7 posting...but perhaps your specialty is your organic garden in the backyard.  Post how you made the garden riser, planting the tomato seeds, how you gathered the water in the barrel to water, that kind of thing.  Your new daughter, her health, freebies you found, that great dress you found tucked in the back of the clearance rack for $2 for her...there's a lot of topics that are of everyday interest, that people like to talk about.  And hear about.  Kindof like walking by someone talking on a public phone, and stopping and listening, while someone is talking to a friend...and then, sometimes, tossing in your own comment or suggestion, just in the international way.

I would love to hear your opinions, suggestions, and anything else you have to say about these...please leave a comment below.  I would love it even more, if you signed up...but some people don't have the time, or just choose not to do so.  And of course, if you have any more programs that you participate in, that aren't scams, PLEASE let me know...I will be checking out surveys, some pay per click programs, and the like.  Let me know of your experiences, and I may join, myself!


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