Thursday, March 17, 2011 | By: Mary Wright

Drooooooools: Beads that I *love*

Okay, normally I don't look lately, because I haven't been creating, and don't have the money to buy.  I also have been in pain, not having much time to create, and keep my website up (well...I do, I get too much ADD going on, and it takes me a while to get started, so I never have the time, by the time I am ready to start, it's time for bed.  *sighs*)

But Szarka posts some beautiful beads.  She's on my facebook, so it's hard not to see her items.  She has shown a LOT lately, that would have been in my price range, if I were purchasing lately (right now, I usually can only afford about $5-10/strand...except the one time I put in an order for $300, where each strand was about $45 each...and I am STILL kicking myself for that one...bad timing, and I'm not up to that level.  But I just *had* to have the herkimer diamonds...*laughs*)

Okay, so this is the one that caught my eye today:

Aren't those beautiful Ruby in Zooisite?  Some amazing detail, and gorgeous!

So I will drool for a while, til I get back into the creative mood.  By then, Szarka will be through her 1300 lbs of beads, and I will not see anything I like then...or can afford.

Anyway, if you like beads, and want to see more, check her new products here:  Magpie Gemstones


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