Friday, March 18, 2011 | By: Mary Wright

Birthstone Jewelry: August Peridot

I thought I would start an occasional tromp through websites, finding beautiful jewelry.  In this case, I am choosing birthstone jewelry, and more specifically, for the first post, my birth month of August.  Giving a beautiful piece of birthstone jewelry does not have to mean just for birthdays (i.e. theirs, or their children's, or grandchildren's), but can make a creative, thoughtful gift any time of the year.  And who says gifts have to be saved for birthdays, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Christmas?  Sometimes, it's more special, when it's just random.

I mainly traipse through Etsy and Artfire, when I look for jewelry inspiration, but am open to anything.  If you have a favorite, that you would like to see on here (other months...I will repeat, eventually *laughs), then send me an email at kittyn dot twins at yahoo dot com and I would be happy to look at it.

I love the tree of life pendants.  It seems like you would have to really mess up to make it look horrible, but this one is beautiful.  Copper with peridot, it says that it promotes healing.  It "fosters emotional balance, and helps us heal from past emotional wounds. It clears the path way to the heart and heals damaged egos".  ManyMoonsJewelry has created a beautiful piece of healing in this piece, and you can find it here:  ManyMoonsJewelry's BluJay Page

Wow.  This one is ...loud simplicity?  Makes a hell of a statement, just by being simple.  Faceted peridot stones wirewrapped, then dropped from simple long V earwires, these would be beautiful for both day and night.  Isn't that the best jewelry, though?  Find LHJewelryBoutique's earrings here on Etsy

Wow.  I really doubt you are going to find anything the same as this.  One huge, "raw" chunk of peridot, wrapped in gold filled wire.  I look at this one time, and see a beautiful, chunky piece that would stand out at night...then sometimes I see a perfect item for daytime, enough to offset a t-shirt and jeans, or a business suit.  One day, I will learn to wire wrap...and items like this are what I can aspire to make.  Find it here on flash12itchy's eBay web page.

I have only recently really gotten into bracelets.  I am weird...I am a jewelry maker, who rarely wears her jewelry.  But lately, I have worn more bracelets.  And I find I tend to like ones that you can "play" with.  This one falls into that category...a little loose, it will spin, you can rotate the rondelles...heck, I bet this would even layer nicely with others.  What I like about it, is that it is simple, but so many details...the twisted ovals, the wire wraps, the faceting on the rondelles...I also have a small wrist, about 6 1/4".  It's a little hard to find bracelets that fit me (and funny...the customers that I have IRL...variance of weight, yet we all have about the same size of wrist), and so I think this would be a great one, to play with.  If I only had the money *sighs* I would grab this...but you can check it out on livjewellery's Artfire site.

So...if you have a preference for the next stone, send me an email, or post a comment...It should be in a few days, so you have time to brib.....erm, ask me.  *grins*


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