Monday, March 21, 2011 | By: Mary Wright

Scrapbooking Misc: Digital Camera that also Stamps!

Wow...I have been collecting scrapbooking supplies, hoping to someday either get into scrapbooking, or back into artist trading cards (I think I made a grand total of 20 or so...*laughs*).

I saw this blog entry today, on another site, called "Snap It & Stamp It".  It describes a digital camera, that seems very interesting.  You can snap a picture, and it will create a stamp of the image,  find the best pixelated rasterbation, then you can stamp just about anything.... cards, letters, envelopes...I really liked the idea.  Imagine a fresh flower for every card design?  You can create unique designs, just from your own pictures.  And it does work as a regular camera.

It is called the "Stamp.y" camera....and sadly, I just found out, it's a concept.  It is currently in production by Yanko Design (as far as I can tell), who also has other concepts on the blog.  There are some very interesting ideas!  If only a quarter got made,  *laughs*

Check out the website here:  Yanko Design


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