Friday, March 25, 2011 | By: Mary Wright

Jewelry Jokes: Just Some Misc Jokes...*smiles*

Just some jokes that I ran across today, that I thought I would share...some of these strike home. *laughs*

Never tell a woman she is wearing too much jewelry. You should always be politically correct and simply say she is "Metallically Overburdened"!

Being the most conservative guy at work, when Jo walked in the office sporting his new diamond studded hoop earring, he made quite a scene. A colleague approached him to try and question him about his unexpected fashion statement. "Don't make such a big deal out of it!", said Jo, "It's just a diamond earring!". The colleague continued: "I'm just curious to know what made you decide to pierce your ear?". Jo replied: "The fact that my wife accidently found the earring in our bed."

A lady walks into a diamond jewelry store wearing her recently purchased diamond engagement ring. She tells the jeweler: "You sold this ring to my husband a few days ago, but it's the wrong size". The jeweler quickly replies: "that's no problem, ma'am. We could get it resized for you in no time!". "No", answers the lady, "You didn’t seem to understand me. You sold my husband a 1 carat size, when clearly my right size is a 5 carat diamond!". (oh, don't we all agree with this? *laughs*

A woman shows her best girlfriend the brand new diamond engagement ring she just received last night from her fiancée. "Wow!", exclaims her girlfriend, "This is a beautiful diamond ring!". The woman replies: "Yes, it is quite wonderful. The only thing is, this specific diamond is enchanted with a curse". "Really?", asks her girlfriend. "What sort of curse?". The woman replies: "Well, my fiancée, of course!"

Hope you like them! I will hope to post more later!


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