Tuesday, March 15, 2011 | By: Mary Wright

First Post, and Random Jabbering

Okay, I have had some blogs, related to specific items.  My jewelry making, assorted crafts, my feelings, and other things.

However, I have just decided to start another one.  This one will cover a range of topics, emotions, etc...at least until I get going on one topic enough to open a blog just for that.

So...what topics am I thinking of?  There will be a variety, to include:
--  Health (illness, meds, mental state...gods, just about everything would fit in THAT topic)
--  Jewelry and Crafts (I make beaded jewelry currently.  I have done cross stitch, latch hook, dreamcatchers, and other things.

--  Magic the Gathering (I just got into it again, after not playing for more than 18 years.  Am currently trying to build decks, and tearing my hair out).
--  Online Money Making (a LOT of it out there is a scam...but there are a few that are true, and work.  Hopefully, I can help you, and you can help me, discover them, work them, and have fun!  I also include surveys in this, too.)
--  Freebies (they are out there...and I have gotten some great ones!  Just gotta find out when/where.
--  Contests (well, there's blogs that are dedicated to giving out items, or reporting them...if I find something I like, I will pass it along)
--  Jokes, LOLs, Funny Pics, etc (I like them...and sometimes find some great ones.  You never know when they come up...but they are fun, sometimes!)
--  Erm....should I shush up now?  I am just writing and writing...and I don't want to lose an audience on the first day.  *laughs*

Mary .... who is just slightly crazy.  *grins*


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